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Cinematic LUTs Bundle Pack

Cinematic LUTs Bundle Pack

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  • 10 S-Log3 LUTs

  • 10 REC-709 LUTs

  • Cube Files and Premiere Pro Presets

  • Installation Video

  • Sample S-Log3 footage

  • Bonus Dreamy Mist Premiere Pro Preset

My cinematic videos have gained millions and millions of views online and there's no doubt my color grading has a lot to do with the success!

This pack is a bundle consisting of 10 of my most used S-Log3 and 10 REC-709 LUTs as seen on my IG/TikTok

Applying these LUTs will help you achieve cinematic looking footage and cut your editing time in half!

S-log3 is for my Sony shooters while REC-709 is for everyone that doesn't shoot in a raw or log color profile!

The LUTs come as cube files allowing you to use them across editing softwares such as Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve and many more!

Please feel free to reach out to me if you need help installing the LUTs

*The S-log3 and REC 709 LUTs are not the same

Compatible with all video editing software that accepts cube files.
Digital Products are non refundable.
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See the LUTs in action below!

Before & After

S-Log3 07

REC-709 02

S-Log3 10

S-Log3 07

REC-709 05

S-Log3 10

Frequently asked questions

What are LUTs?

LUTs (Lookup Tables) put simply are presets for video.

They will help speed up your editing process giving you a starting point for color grading.

Will the S-Log3 LUTs work for me?

The S-Log3 LUTs are specifically created for Sony shooters that shoot in the color profile S-Log3

If you don't shoot Sony I recommend checking out my REC-709 LUTs pack!

How do I install the LUTs?

Download your purchased Lightroom Presets which will come in a .zip file.

Inside the folder will be an instructional video which I run through how to install the LUTs using Premiere Pro as this is the software I use!

Similar processes are required for other editing softwares in which case a simple YouTube search of how to install LUTs on your editing software will point you in the right direction!

Can I install these on my mobile?

Cube files can be used with VN editor however CapCut will need to be installed on your desktop to work.

How come my footage doesn't look like yours?

These LUTs are designed as a starting point for your color grade.

The LUTs have been tested on various footages that were shot with different lighting and settings.

You may need to adjust your exposure, contrast and shadow sliders to get the best results for your footage!