I am a content creator from Sydney, Australia.

Mastering both photography and videography, I specialize in street, travel and lifestyle content creation as well as producing commercial content for brands, hotels, athletes, musicians and a range of other business types.

I have a very unique and creative style with a keen eye for compositions involving symmetry and patterns and cinematic color grading.

I have worked with brands such as Sony, Ford, The Wiggles and hotels The Ritz, JW Marriott, and Hyatt Regency.


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What sort of content can you provide?

I can provide high quality still images and also high quality cinematic videos for your social media (short form or long form) & websites

I'm an all rounder

But seriously, I can do it all..

For travel content, I am generally with my fiancé who is a model so it is always easy for me to get footage with a subject.. hotels, I'm looking at you ;)

What is your turnaround time?

I am very proficient with my editing as I don't like to have a backlog of editing to get through.

Depending on my travels, I can have projects completed within 24 hours if needed at an extra cost however generally I will only need a couple days and definitely no longer than 2 weeks to have your content ready!

Will you travel abroad to shoot for me?

Absolutely. Lets talk!